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How to Place a dōTERRA Order

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I already have a doTERRA Wholesale Account

There are two ways to order dōTERRA oils once you have your own account: through a STANDARD ORDER or a LOYALTY REWARDS PROGRAM ORDER. The first step to place either is to login to your dōTERRA account:

Go to mydoterra.com (link will open in a new window)
Login to your account using your Wellness Advocate ID and password.

Placing a STANDARD ORDER is easy, but not recommended. To do so, click the “Shop” tab. Add whatever products you’d like and click “check out”

It is much better to place a LOYALTY REWARDS PROGRAM (LRP) order.

Why is LRP the best way to order? I want more information!

If you have not yet signed up for the Loyalty Rewards Program, click the “Dashboard” tab and then click “Create LRP Order” in the upper left corner.

If you have already created an LRP order template, you will likely want to change it every month so that you get new and different products. **Remember that if you do not change your LRP order you will get the same shipment you did last month.

To EDIT AN EXISTING LRP ORDER, immediately after you login you will be put on the “Shop” tab page, where there is a box on the upper right that says “Scheduled LRP Orders”. You will see an order number inside an oval shaped button. Clicking that LRP order number will take you to a screen where you can edit it. You can also edit your LRP order from the “Dashboard” tab by looking on the upper left and seeing where it says “My Loyalty Reward Orders”. The order number will be below with an underline. Clicking it will take you to edit the order.

You can use the “Quick Add to Cart” feature by typing in the product you want and then clicking to add it to your order.

Give me more details and tips about my LRP order
I do NOT have a dōTERRA Account

There are two ways to go about getting oils and products. The first is to buy retail – simply click here and put anything you want in your cart, then check out. Voila!

The second is to open your own dōTERRA wholesale account, which will give you a 25% discount on whatever you buy and lets you qualify for monthly specials, get free shipping and earn free products! You can purchase an enrollment kit when you sign up to waive the $35 membership fee.

CLICK HERE TO SIGN UP! If you join dōTERRA through this link, you will be joining the Essential Essentials team and a member will follow up with you for a personal consultation shortly after signing up. You will also get an email with information on how to create your account on this website to access our private training portal.

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