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Why Essential Essentials? - Essential Essentials

Why the Essential Essentials team?

The essential oil team that you join with is a tremendously important decision, one that cannot easily be changed. For many aspiring Wellness Advocates it can mean the difference between succeeding, or… not.

At Essential Essentials, we’re more than a team. We’re a Success Co-Op.

We provide unparalleled training, personal mentoring, and additional team-based incentives to partner with you in making growing your essential oil business fast, fun, and fulfilling. We work closely as a team to create a network of support and motivation, no matter where you are in the United States, Canada, Australia, or Europe.

BSG team

Business Training

The Essential Essentials training system will take you from day one to double diamond, starting with an onboarding email series, self-paced Essentials to Success online course, and ultimately a “train by rank” system. Quizzes at the end of most lessons allow you to test your knowledge and make sure you understand the most important concepts. Learning has never been so fun (and profitable)!

Essential Oil Training

Need to learn more about essential oils? We have you covered! Essential Essentials has the tools in place to teach you in an exciting and fun way! We regularly provide education opportunities, webinars, and resources to help you become a top notch expert on essential oils and other products.


We provide a repository of resources for all team members. Download free, white-label business tools: PowerPoint presentations,”print” sheets (like tear pads), scripts for interviewing potential builders and buyers, Craigslist ads, Facebook class templates, etc. And we’re developing new downloadable resources all the time!

Personal Mentoring

Direct one-on-one mentoring and development with your upline is offered as regularly as you need it.

Private Facebook Group

Get access to our private Facebook group, where you can talk shop, team up, strategize, and get your questions answered.

Lead Sharing

Essential Essentials does heavy internet lead generation, which get passed onto our team members in local areas.

Team Based Incentives

Success is it’s own reward of course, but we also do what we can to put some icing on the cake! Participate in team-only incentives on a monthly basis to get recognition, oils, products, Amazon gift cards, CASH, and other good stuff!


Throughout the course of your essential oil career, you’re going to run into problems that need to be ironed out. Until you reach the rank of Silver though, you don’t have access to a private account manager to help advocate for your needs or get things done. Escalate your concerns to team leaders and we’ll work with our account managers to make sure you and your own team are taken care of.

Team Work

Many of our team members travel to teach classes and hold events with one another, in and out of Diamond Club. We also run online events, such as Facebook classes, where everyone on the team is welcome to invite their leads. This means that we can help each other gather and close leads.


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