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About Us - Essential Essentials

About Us

Essential Essentials is the brain child of sisters and best friends Megan Reeves and Kaitlin Reeves Coppock, who were born and raised in Portland, OR and now reside in Los Angeles. After Megan was introduced to the power of essential oils in 2012 she was hooked. She quickly shared them with her sister and the rest is history!

Essential Essentials has expanded to a team of over 3,000 Wellness Advocates and talented health practitioners who share their passion for essential oils, holistic health, and shine a light on the rewarding entrepreneurial path of optimizing other people’s lives while creating financial freedom.

Are you interested in joining our wellness coaching team? Email us at hello@essential-essentials.com!

About Megan Reeves

MR profileMegan is a Certified Corporate Wellness Specialist (CCWS), Holistic Health Coach (HHC), hypnotherapist, doTERRA Platinum, and essential oils expert.

She earned a Bachelor of Arts from Portland State University in Business Administration with a double major in Finance and Human Resources. While much of Megan’s educational and 12 years of professional experience has been centered in business and the higher education coaching industry, her heart has always been in holistic wellness.

Her passion is to give others the inspiration and tools to live their very best, happiest and healthiest life …because NOW is always the right time to start feeling great!

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